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Introducing the Faces Behind the Vision: Get Acquainted with the Dynamic and Diverse Individuals Powering Our Innovative Team.

Team President - Survivor

Patti Flecknell

After joining in 2012 I find myself with great friends, a sense of personal accomplishment and a thirst for adventure.

Team Vice President - Survivor

Carole Lulham

I joined Dragon Boating in 2018 in Calgary. I am a survivor, battle-scarred, but here. I was thrilled to find Breasts Ahoy when I moved to Saint John.

Team Treasurer - Survivor

Dawn Dow

I joined B/A in 2018, it changed my life. I’m not just a survivor, I’m a Thriver. Good friends, exercise and fun.

Team Captain - Survivor

Joanne Baxter

Joined Breasts Ahoy in 2013. Being on the water with great friends, enjoying life and growing stronger.

Team Secretary - Supporter

Alison Hughes

 I am so grateful to be part of a team where paddlers help each other, working together to become stronger in mind, body and spirit on and off the water.

Team Photographer - Supporter

Irene Evans

I joined the Breasts Ahoy team in 2015 as a supporter. I became the Team Photographer which I enjoy immensely.


Ann Burns

The friendships I’ve made here have helped me a lot, and I’m so thankful to be able to partake in all the fun and laughter generated by the survivors and supporters.


Catherine Collins

I was diagnosed in 1994 and 2019. I have been paddling since 2003 with an amazing group of individuals who have become my paddling family.


Leslie Ingleton

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1985, 1992 and 2009. I joined B/A in 2011. I can’t imagine not paddling, we are family. We laugh, we talk, we care.


Donalda Bradley

I joined Breasts Ahoy in 2014 as a survivor. No words can EXPRESS this team and the positive impact it has on all of the members.


Jennifer Brush

Six years in remission.  Moved to Saint John in 2019. Joined in 2021. I have learned that together, we are so much stronger.


May Gionet

Joining the team was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I look forward to the paddling season, and the friendships I’ve made are very special to me.


Valerie Landry

Became a member of B/A in 2003 and paddling has been a celebration of life. Paddling is a good form of exercise and if I can do it anyone can.


Colleen Stockford

From Sussex New Brunswick is a supporting wife, a proud mother and a GiGi to her granddaughter who is the light in her life.


Beth Smith

I am a supporter of B/A for 12+ years. I am a lover of paddling, racing and being with a team full of spirit, drive and enjoying life together.


Beth Hatfield

I’ve been a supporter since 2019. Belonging, being part of this team is good for one’s soul. And I think all of the survivors are heroes.


Holly Burns

I joined Breasts Ahoy as a supporter in 2019 and look forward to many more years with these amazing resilient and strong survivors.


Carl Stockford

From Sussex New Brunswick, who owns a small Business, but always finds time for family fun, and spending time with his granddaughter, Gryffin.


Jennifer Calvin

I joined Breasts Ahoy as a supporter in 2019 and look forward to many more years with these amazing resilient and strong survivors.


Lisa Roy

Diagnosed 2019-09-11.  This is my way of letting other FIGHTERS and SURVIVORS know, CANCER WILL NOT WIN!


Susan Thompson

I joined the Breasts Ahoy Dragon Boat team in 2016 as a Breast Cancer survivor to help cope and create awareness.  These warriors are a blessing in my journey.


Lynda Stamer-Gaunce

I’ve been a member since 2011. (time flies when you are having fun). I enjoy every minute paddling; great exercise and lots of laughs.


Gwen Calvin

I became a supporter in 2019. I enjoy the exercise and team spirit.  I feel that participating and paddling I represent my sister and my aunts – they are my Heros!


Pat McGuire

Survivor Proud Mother of 3, Mémere of 1.5 grandchildren Paddling with ladies and gents is fabulous fun and exercise. Enjoying every minute I get.


Mary Norrad

A survivor, I found this wonderful group in 2018.  Now I’m the drummer and loving it.