Breasts Ahoy

Southern New Brunswick's Breast Cancer Survivor Team

We are a team of dragon boat paddlers from Saint John, New Brunswick and surrounding area who have survived breast cancer and wish to celebrate life by paddling together to promote fitness, health and having fun. 

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Our main goal is to celebrate being alive!


We celebrate being alive

We help people who have had breast cancer to understand they can live a full and active life despite the physical limitations imposed by the disease.




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Race on The River

Celebrating their 21st Anniversary. Funds raised go to Women Alike Abreast A River Breast Cancer Survivors Society. Special Olympics Northern Region and Pictou County Prostate Cancer Support Association.

Christmas in July 5K Paddle

Sponsor a Breasts Ahoy paddler for this fundraising event. Proceeds from your donations will support mental health and wellness initiatives in Charlotte County and Saint John Area

Race on The Sea

A day of fun community dragon boat races. Food, drinks, prizes and entertainment. If you want to register a team, email

Run for the Cure

When you join or support the CIBC Run for the Cure, you help provide hope to all Canadians impacted by breast cancer

Bottle Drive At Home Depot

Fundraiser! Bring us your empties and help support your local Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Team.

Burger and Beer / Auction Tickets

Come and join us at East Coast Pub & Grill, 69 Russell Street.  6:00-6:30 meal. Auction starts at 7:00 pm

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Team President - Survivor

Patti Flecknell

After joining in 2012 I find myself with great friends, a sense of personal accomplishment and a thirst for adventure.

Team Vice President - Survivor

Carole Lulham

I joined Dragon Boating in 2018 in Calgary. I am a survivor, battle-scarred, but here. I was thrilled to find Breasts Ahoy when I moved to Saint John.

Team Treasurer - Survivor

Dawn Dow

I joined B/A in 2018, it changed my life. I’m not just a survivor, I’m a Thriver. Good friends, exercise and fun.

Team Captain - Survivor

Joanne Baxter

Joined Breasts Ahoy in 2013. Being on the water with great friends, enjoying life and growing stronger.

Recruiting New Paddlers

Breast cancer Survivors, both male and female, can rebuild what they lost through a diagnosis of breast cancer.  Paddle with us to Celebrate Living!

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone


What People Think About Us

Inspiring Testimonials. Discover the Impact of Joining Our Supportive Dragon Boat Team

Jenn Brush Survivor

My Team, My Heros! When I first joined Breasts Ahoy, I was nervous it was not going to be for me. I was wrong. Joining the dragon boat team has been the most amazing experience.  Being a breast cancer survivor was tough. The whole experience left me depressed, lonely and feeling like I was limited to what I could enjoy. A dear friend got me out to try it. At this time, we were all still dealing with covid. But these amazing women continued to paddle. Thus began my journey with Breast Ahoy. The team is made up of survivors and supporters who I would never have had a chance to meet otherwise. The more I paddled with these strong and courageous women, the more I grew as a woman. They each bring joy to my life. During an exceedingly challenging time in my life, my team was there for me. I was in a fire and was hurt quite badly. The team and other teams have helped me emotionally, financially, and spiritually. These women are what I want to be when I grow up. I cannot begin to put into words how thankful I am for their love and support. During my darkest and most painful times I pictured us on the water. I could picture the moments it was when the water was like glass with a gentle breeze and the sun was setting. Each one of my sisters could feel in each breath, each stroke as we glided across the water. They all have been my strength, my hope, my light, my dragonettes. It was only the Breasts Ahoy that helped me. When you are on a Breast Cancer Survivor team, you have sisters across Canada and the world. Paddles Up!

Judy Chapman EF Tours Consultant

When I think of the Breasts Ahoy members several adjectives come to mind – inspirational, welcoming, supportive, grateful, and so many more.  This is a group in the greater Saint John area that offers compassion, empathy, kindness and support to those coping with breast cancer in the community.  Instead of focusing on their diagnosis, they focus on wellness, fitness, good health and fun by dragon boat paddling together.  They not only exercise to regain strength and keep healthy, but also to maintain a great emotional and social support system for each other. Breasts Ahoy members have paddled in local, provincial, inter-provincial and international competitions – paddling as far away as Vancouver, BC in one direction and Florence, Italy in the other. My husband, Brian, and I had the pleasure of getting to know these ladies better as they prepared for and travelled for their international competition in Italy in 2018.  We observed that they, and their counterparts on teams throughout the Maritimes, set aside all obstacles, worked very hard to get there, and paddled their hearts out at that competition – representing their province and country with pride.  Being among these ladies for that special competition tour was heartwarming! I continue to be amazed at their cheerfulness, gratitude and joie de vivre.  Their positivity is contagious!  These ladies live each day to the fullest – whether it is through paddling or other exercise, or enjoying family and friends.  They thrive on camaraderie and are very community-minded.  The Breasts Ahoy ladies are a close-knit inclusive family.  My husband and I have been blessed to know, interact and travel with them! Their next major goal is to send as many members as possible to the international breast cancer paddling competition in France in 2026.  I hope that with community support and hard work, they will achieve that goal.  Their appreciation for each day and passion for life is an example for all.

Pub East Coast Grill
Shelly Leavitt East Cost Bar & Grill Co-owner

I have been helping support the ladies from Breasts Ahoy for a number of years. These ladies are the best!!! They are some of the strongest and bravest women I have ever met and will continue to support them in all their endeavors.

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